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An Open Source Operating System For Your Digital Life

OOSYNAPSE is a big data platform made of multiple apps working to connect people with their data. At the surface these apps work together to provide users with the tools and services needed to manage their digital world. At the deeper level it is built with data privacy at its core and provides users with complete control and ownership of their digital information.

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This platform makes use of big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, internet of things and the blockchain to provide a completely unique and transparent experience. Our aim is to provide the open source software and hardware needed for users to regain control & ownership of their digital lives while still being able to share, collaborate, communicate, and socialize with others. This platform is a necessary evolution of the web and provides an operating system for your digital life.

Look at it this way, your digital life is spread out across your favourite web search engine, email provider, internet provider, social media apps, video browsing & streaming app, hospitals, clinics, banks and more. That information already exist out there but a lot of these apps and websites do not give you granular control, access and ownership of your own data and some of them go as far as selling your digital information to advertisers without your knowledge or consent.

With the OOSynapse platform you will be able to pull in your data from these various sources, and store it a home, work or in our cloud where you always have complete control and ownership of your information. You can use any of our 7 apps to connect and share with others, find your passion, vote on issues that matter to you, find things you need, learn something new, manage your health & fitness, build stronger relationship with others and much more.



Big Data Platform Connecting People & Information.

Manage, Visualize & Analyze Your Digital World. This app groups all the core modules that provides the basic functionalities for the platform. It also groups all the big data tools that are needed for you to manage your digital life and have granular control & ownership over each data value. Use this app if you just want to manage your digital life without the extra modules that provides functionalities needed by other apps


Self Discovery, Social Mentorship & Collaboration

Find, Share & Live Your Passion. This app is equivalent to a social or professional networking platform but it connects users based on similar interest and passions. It connects those users who are looking for a field of study or an career industry that they are genuinely passionate about with users who are experts in those industries. It provides a social mentorship platform where you can create new passions, start projects related to those passions, recruit users who share the same passion and collaborate to create amazing work.  This app focuses on the quality of your connections instead of the quantity.


Health Care, Fitness, Cooking & Nutrition

Live Healthy & Understand Your Body. This app is the one stop destination where you can have a complete view of your overall health. It groups all the modules that are responsible for helping you store, sync, manage and visualize your health (including mental health), prescriptions, lab results, hospitalization records, fitness activities, food preferences, allergies, and daily nutrition data. You can also choose to participate in clinical studies and keep in contact with your healthcare providers within the app while providing feedback on treatment progression. This app also connects you with users who share similar medical conditions, fitness goals, food preferences and cooking styles while keeping each data point secure and private allowing access only to what you allow.


Connect & Build Stronger Relationships.

Manage & Visualize Connections With Others! This app is for users who want to have deeper insights into their relationship with family, friends, spouses or lovers. It is a place to make new connections such as finding family members you didn’t know you had, finding a hookup for the weekend or maybe a date that could turn into a relationship or marriage or even just a friend who’s into the same things you are. It is a place you can connect with others on a personal level. It is also a place to maintain those relationships by providing you with a complete view of your interactions with the closest people in your life. It helps you visualize the quality of your relationships with others by using multiple metrics such as how often you talk to each other, how much you support each other in times of need, or even how well you meet each other’s expectations for the relationship.


Voting, Activism, Census & Surveys.

Express Yourself & Contribute! This app provides tools and services that makes it easier to have your voice heard on issues that matters to you. You can share content, organize, debate and express yourself with like minded individuals as well as those sharing an opposing view. It allows you to create new issues and invite others to vote, comment and share with their network depending on the privacy settings. This app also syncs with public government websites and APIs to provide data sets about your country, city or local community. You can directly communicate your concerns to your government officials and community leaders can use the app to reach out and get ideas, votes or comments on local initiatives.


Buying, Selling, Trading, Sharing & Donating.

Find Anything & Reduce Waste! This app connects people who have a product, resource or skill sets with people who need it. It allows you to buy, sell, trade, share and donate products or services based on self executing and immutable contracts (Smart Contracts) between yourself and other users. This app uses the blockchain in multiple way to help achieve this goal. The deeper purpose of this app is to help reduce waste in the world by connecting people who have things that they no longer need (clothes, electronics, furniture and even perishable food) with users who could use those things.


News, Entertainment & Education.

Explore & Discover Media Content. This app is the media creation and consumption hub that connects users based on similar taste in video games, music, movies, TV shows, documentaries and educational interests. It allows you to sync your digital libraries of photos, audio notes, music, graphics, and videos and share that content with your network. This app also allows you to explore digital media contents ranging from independent productions to feature films, shows and documentaries.

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